How to Create Content for Social Media

phone and computer with social media accounts pulled up

Creating content for social media accounts for more than three days in a row doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Everything you need to create content for social media lies within the pages of your website. This is why a flawless website design with powerful SEO is so important.

Use a Blog to Create Content for Social Media

Writing a blog post takes a considerable amount of time. Take advantage of that time and hard work by repurposing the blog post content into content for social media. Use an excerpt from the blog as a caption to a graphic, or highlight your blog post with a graphic and link it to your blog post. 

Graphic that says "Website Accessibility and You" with hand pointing to a computer screen.
Graphic for social media highlighting a blog post.

Using Email Marketing Content on Social Media

Have you recently written a really great email marketing campaign with amazing graphics and topics? Redistribute those graphics and include that information as multiple posts on social media. This is content that you’ve already created and can use when you run out of ideas for your social media accounts.

Highlight Your Services

The pages on your website feature key information about your business and the services you provide. Take time to highlight your services individually and provide some key points about them on social media. This will help your audience who may not see your website know the services that you provide.

Show Off Your Team

This may seem like a no brainer, but if you have a team show them off on your social media account! Not only does it boost morale, it also helps your audience to feel connected to the people and your business on a personal level. How exactly do you show off your team? Introduce them, host a “Get to Know Them” post, celebrate their birthday and work anniversaries, and talk about their advances within your business. Often times the content featuring your team will get more engagement than your other posts too as your audience will love to interact with the person behind the screen. 

Example of team introductions for social media.

Looking for More Ways to Create Content for Social Media?

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